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Give Dad the Universe this Father's Day

Giving dad the freedom to embrace his inner space geek is perhaps the best Father's Day gift, and exploring Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is a gift any father would love. Families can spend a full day, or more, exploring one of the largest collections of spacecraft, vehicles and artifacts in the world at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

Father with son on his shoulders touring Space Shuttle Atlantis.

Gift ideas for dad include:

1) Leave dad in awe and experience the wonder of a live rocket launch! Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex offers the closest public viewing for rocket launches. Here, guests have the opportunity to feel the rumble while listening to live launch commentary from space experts with the purchase of a launch viewing/transportation ticket.

LEARN MORE A SpaceX Falcon 9 launching from Kennedy Space Center.

2) Train dad for a mission to Mars at Astronaut Training Experience® Exploring with Lockheed Martin. Perform a spacewalk together then learn to land, drive and walk on Mars. Pro tip: Dad can’t rule the thermostat on Mars.

BOOK ATX Microgravity Environment in ATX

3) Warning: this is not your average family meal. Chat With An Astronaut and Dad this Father’s Day! Enjoy a chef-prepared buffet lunch and meet a veteran NASA astronaut. Imagine hearing about life in space from someone who has been there firsthand! You'll enjoy a personal presentation by a veteran astronaut and an open question and answer session.

RESERVE YOUR SEAT Astronaut Jon McBride with lunch guests

4) For those unable to make the trip, these three suggestions are available online via The Space Shop at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. These will surely jumpstart dad's journey to full-fledged "space dad" status:

For Dad with the Jokes – This T-shirt displaying the Be Greater Than Average math equation is a not-so-subtle-way of telling Dad you feel the same way about him…and that you secretly enjoy his “dad jokes” too. A wide selection of T-shirts and sweatshirts are also available.

Be greater than the average t-shirt

For the Apollo-Inspired Dad – Fifty years ago the Apollo Program inspired an entire generation. Celebrate the golden anniversary of the first humans on the Moon with this framed collectible Apollo 11 commemorative coin.

Apollo Moon landing souvenir coin

For the DIY Dad – Add a Fisher Zero-Gravity pen to dad’s toolbox. Perfect for his underwater, upside down, greasy, extreme temperature (freezing -30°F to blazing 250°F) and zero-gravity (maybe not) DIY projects! The Fisher Space Pen was developed for astronauts to use in microgravity and was first used on Apollo 7 that launched from Kennedy Space Center in 1968.

Fisher space pens