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  • Short of becoming an astronaut, there’s no better way to get a glimpse of Kennedy Space Center than on the KSC Bus Tour. Get up-close for a drive-by view of the space shuttle launch pad, experience the historic Apollo 8 launch and marvel at a massive 363-foot-long Saturn V rocket at the Apollo/Saturn V Center. Included with admission. 

  • Journey inside Firing Room 4, one of the Launch Control Center’s four firing rooms and the one from which all 21 shuttle launches since 2006 were controlled. 

  • Relive the launch of America's first satellite, visit sites of the Mercury and Gemini launches, tour launch bunkers and see today's active rocket program.

  • Be among the first to experience a new up-close view of iconic landmarks on Kennedy Space Center. See the launch countdown clock, stop at the NASA Causeway to gaze at the active launch pads on Cape Canaveral and view the Shuttle Landing Facility.