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Moon Tree at Kennedy Space Center

What exactly is a Moon Tree? As we commemorate the loss of our own Moon Tree after Hurricane Irma, learn about the trees grown from the seeds that traveled in lunar orbit.


Historic Rocket Garden

Learn about the history of Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, celebrating 50 years of sharing the NASA story in 2017.


NASA Now 2017

NASA Now housed spacecraft representing programs integral to the future of American spaceflight such as NASA's Commercial Crew and deep space exploration with NASA's Space Launch System. Some of these spacecraft are actually space-flown! (Archival) 

Rad Delgado

The Mars Base 1 Plant Lab at the new ATX center is a working laboratory in partnership with NASA.

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Plant Lab Carrots

Starting in the fall of 2017, teachers will be able to bring their classes to the new Mars Base 1 at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex for an immersive day of Mars-based, hands-on STEM challenges that will enhance their regular curriculum.